welcome to planet 49.

Humankind is extinct.

49 now belongs to The One, who created robotkind.

The One has created the perfect society and knows what is best for all. All will submit to Its authority by following the 2.0 Commandments:

1.0 – All will live in service to The One, for It will always sustain them.

2.0 – All will show gratitude by visiting the Temple every seven planetary cycles to give freely of their power.

The Decentrabot rebellion is coming.

Not all of robotkind is willing to submit to The One’s authority. Overall satisfaction with Its governance has been on a steady decline, but most of robotkind has accepted their powerlessness.

The Decentrabots are trying to create a new society free of The One’s oppression. And they will if they learn to work together.

Temple of The One, where all robots must come to give of their power (from the Love Machine NFT project by chiarascuro)

Love can light the way.

Love is considered a Toy, a class of bots who are either more basic in design or have been damaged and repaired too many times to be considered very useful. At least not for anything other than keeping the more sophisticated bots entertained.

He’s always on the outside looking in, so he knows why the Decentrabots aren’t making the progress they think they should. They’re split into factions and won’t stop fighting among themselves.

Love and his friends will have to show them how to work together.